A Barfight and a Boarding
The First True Adventure
A Battle At Triumph
The First (Semi) Adventure

Al and Ricardo, who have been hiding from the Alliance at the planet Triumph, saw a lot of the other inhabitants of their small town packing up and heading out to the caves: a common hiding place when trouble comes.

They spoke to a local bartender and learned that a woman known only as the Chronicler was coming to check the colony for anything suspicious.

She was an operative of the Parliament sent to make sure the border planets were under control.

Triumph, overflowing with “suspicious-ness” was in a state of panic. A local government official hired Al and Ricardo to transport a wagon to one of the caves and keep it safe.

They went to the caves and checked the cargo: it turned out to be a some kind of spaceship prototype.

A baker and his family saw the Chronicler’s ship approaching and took refuge in the cave where Al and Ricardo were hiding.

After a little while, the baker saw something, shouted, and then was hit by a sniper bullet.

A red sight scanned the cave. Al and Ricardo were behind cover.

After a moment, they saw the Chronicler peek out from behind the entrance.

Ricardo jumped into the middle of the entrance, ready to fire. The Chronicler disappeared around the corner.

As Ricardo considered his next move, a grenade was thrown around the corner.

With no time to think, Ricardo sprinted forward and the grenade went off behind him.

Al couldn’t see through the residual smoke of the grenade, and switched his rifle to automatic.

Ricardo and the Chronicler fired pistols at each other, dealing minimal damage.

The smoke cleared and Al sprayed the entire area with bullets, hitting the Chronicler many times. Her armor proved to be very effective, however, and showed no immediate effect.

The Chronicler jumped at Ricardo and punched him in the neck. He staggered.

Al continued filling her with bullets. A few seemed to hurt.

Ricardo drew duel swords. The Chronicler drew a stunstick.

They sparred for a few moments, the Chronicler eventually disarming one of Ricardo’s blades.

The Chronicler knocked Ricardo back with the stick, and Al shot over him. He hit her stunstick, which knocked back on her head.

Then Ricardo cut a swathe with a laser pistol into the Chronicler and she staggered, putting up her hands.

“This isn’t worth dying for.” she said.

“Let me go.”

They let the Chronicler walk away, as she scanned them with a device over her shoulder.


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